Chester Minibus

Chester Minibus

Chester minibus

Our Chester Minibus Hire facility is a regular service for small groups within the region of 8 to 14 people who need transportation for any event or special occasion. This service is in the form of normal minibuses which are available under 8 seater, 12 seater and 14 seater capacities.

These bookings are normally done very swiftly through our system and there are very little complications. One reason for this is that we use easy to follow instructions and we will also assist in unforeseen circumstances as well. This sort of work makes up for the bulk of our work.

As this service is cost effective compared to a large coach hire, it is carried out through our very own specialised unit and local chauffeurs are used, who know the specific area you intend to visit. However, we may look to outsource work when needed so that demand can be met. We will always keep you informed if this is done.

This is a comprehensive year round service that we offer and is deemed extremely popular amongst our main customers. Booking will be swift as stated but still ask customers to ring us soon as possible.